new year, new you

welcome to the time of year when everything tries to remind you that you’re too much, or not enough. that you’ve wasted another year, and you need to dedicate yourself + the next 365 days to becoming someone else. but it’s not true – you’re worthy and wonderful just as you are. make changes, make plans, but please, make them for you. make them because you love yourself, not because of shame or guilt or hate. or, god forbid, pressure from anyone else. i’m working on this every single day, and will continue to do so in 2016.

that being said, i’ll have a new post up soon about specific things i’m looking forward to (/occasionally vexing about) tackling in the new year. making lists and making big plans are two of my favorite things, so i’m not one of those anti-resolution people at all. i think everyone could use a fresh start now & again, and what better time than in the middle of the dull, depressing winter? but unlike in recent years, i want my 2016 goals to be guided by love instead of self loathing or fear of judgment or any of the other myriad things that have sadly motivated me in the past. i want to focus on things that will better my life, and hopefully the lives of those around me, not find new ways to punish myself for “bad behavior” the past 12 months.

so while the personal goals are forthcoming, please know that you’re not alone if you struggle with feelings of doubt or regret or self-esteem issues at this time, or any time, of year. just know that you are as valuable and as loved on december 29th as you were on june 2nd and october 15th and will be on january 1, 2016. don’t waste your precious time on earth trying to prove yourself to other people, because if they don’t love or respect you as you are right now, then fuck them. don’t waste another second, let alone another week or month or year, punishing yourself because you’ve lived. pursue whatever form of wellness you’re after, in whatever way works for you. we all have different mental, physical, emotional, professional, personal goals. why should we think that we all need to follow the same methods to reach them? do whatever makes you well. whatever makes you whole and happy and brings you closer to feeling like your best self. you know yourself better than anyone else, so you’ll know what’s right, and when it’s right.

treat yourself with patience and love and kindness, and ignore anything or anyone that tries to convince you otherwise.

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